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Pacifica Skincare and Perfume Products is a Journey in Aromatherapy

Pacifica Skincare shot to world recognition with the debut of their wonderful perfumes, skincare products, and candles. They are a journey in complete aromatherapy. Each one of their products is lush with wonderful sensory explosions. I adore everything that this company makes.

Here is a review of some of their top products.

1) Pacifica French Lilac

I adore the scent of Lilac and these products are alive with this wonderful floral aroma. You can purchase the perfume, body butter, candles, or soap. I would have to say that this is my favorite scent from the Pacifica line.

2) Pacifica Sandalwood

This is a wonderful woodsy aroma in perfumes, body butter, soaps, and candles. It is exotic and offers something a bit different for the woman who wants a little bit more of masculine scent.

3) Tuscany Blood Orange

I have one word for this scent, YUMMY. It is wonderful and citrus smelling. It comes in candles, body butter, perfume, and soaps.

4) Pacifica Madagascar Spice

This is truly the most exotic of the Pacifica line. Its a bit overwhelming in high doses but some women pull it off wonderfully. It is available in body butter, perfume, soaps, and candles.

5) Egyptian Bergamot Rose

This is my second favorite perfume that Pacifica makes. It is a rose scent with a bit of a twist. I absolutely adore it.

1.2 ounces retails for $22.00

Any of Pacifica soaps are wonderful. They are all natural Moisturizing, rich-lathering, sulfate-free and bio-degradable. They lather up nicely and they last a long time. I have used Pacifica soaps for many years and I have never been disappointed.

A 6 ounce bar usually retails for around $5.00 in whatever scent you desire.

Their candles are all clean burning and made from vegetable soy wax. The wicks are all lead free. They are long burning and smell fantastic.

These candles normally retail for around $22.00

They also sell pillar candles which also sport lead free wicks.

These candles retail for around $22.00

Their body butter is amazing. It is made with Shea butter, almond oil and safflower oil. Each body butter is offered in diverse scents that range from Lilac to Guava to Juniper. Their is a scent for anyones taste.

8 ounces of the body butter retails for around $18.00.

You can purchase any of Pacifica’s wonderful products at their website or at these retail sites,