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Refreshing Pineapple Skincare Ideas

Whether you’re making a mask, a cooling face scrub, a soak for your skin, or just putting slices over your eyes, pineapples are a wonderful addition to any beauty regimen you have in mind! Pineapples are full of enzymes that have been proven to soften and soothe your skin if it’s too dry, and even soak up and break down any harmful agents like dirt and makeup. Pineapple is a good source of B vitamins and contains natural fruit acids that are used in some of the world’s top beauty products and cleansers!

There are several ways you can use pineapples to pamper yourself and your skin. You should always use fresh pineapple, handling it carefully when you bring it home to avoid bruising or damaging the weak fleshy fruit inside. Here I will explain a three step nightly process you can do once a week, using mainly pineapples. This process will give you an amazing glow to your skin, cleaning any oils, dirt, or leftover makeup that’s clogging your pores. It will also make your skin smoother and softer naturally, without leaving any residues on your skin whatsoever!

The Pineapple Spot Treatment:

To begin the pineapple skincare process, use two entire round slices of your fresh pineapple. This step is rather simple, it will work as a natural astringent to suck out anything stuck on your skin or within your pores, leaving your face clean and ready to be truly pampered. Cut the slices in half, and lay back, gently placing the pineapple slices over the common problem areas on your face: Just beneath your eyes, your forehead, and under your chin. Just lay back and relax, let the pineapples do their work for about 5 to 7 minutes. You’ll be able to feel the natural enzymes and acids inside the fruit absorbing and dripping away those harmful agents hiding in your skin.

The Pineapple Face Mask:

After you’ve sat back for a bit, dispose of the pineapple slices and prepare to make a quick face mask that will leave your skin radiant and gorgeous. Mix in a small glass bowl some crushed pineapple, a whole large egg, about a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, and powdered oats or rice flour. Once you mix it well enough for it to be a gooey paste, gently massage into your skin. You’ll be able to feel this pineapple mask working as well, because of all the stuff inside the pineapple that’s good for your skin! You’ll feel it being nourished with it’s vitamins, like vitamin C, which will play the biggest role in giving you that healthy shine you’ll end up with. Pineapple also is one of nature’s best anti-inflammatory fruits, getting rid of any puffiness and helping to cover any acne scars you might be unfortunate enough to have. After you’ve left the mixture on for about 10 minutes, rinse well with warm water in the sink or shower. After you’ve rinsed with warm water, pat your skin dry with cool water on a wash cloth to “reset” your skin for the face scrub you’re about to make!

The Pineapple Face Wash:

The pineapple home made face scrub has been a favorite for generations. All you need is some crushed pineapple, sea salt, and water! Combine some pineapple, crush it a bit more if you need to, with about a half handful of natural sea salts. Mix them well until they make a consistency easy enough to scrub your face with. Using it is easy, just wash your face with it, and rinse! That was easy!


Now that you’ve spoiled yourself with nature’s cleanest fruit, you can take a long look in the mirror at the new you! Your skin is healthy, radiant, youthful, beautiful…and most of all, your pores are clean and clog free! Feel free to share this sweet night of fruitful skincare with your friends and family, it’s a fun and useful way to spend these hot summer nights!