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Juicy Jewel Fragrance and Skincare

Juicy Jewel Fragrance and Skincare is among the most popular lines in Japan. Created for young women the collection includes a variety of products such as lotions, conditioners, shampoos, parfum, and more. Made from a variety of nourishing oils, flowers and exotic fruits the Juicy Jewel Skincare line is fun, fragrant and fabulous for today’s young girl.

A great way to introduce a young girl to the line of Juicy Jewel Skincare is with the Juicy Jewel Rejuvenating Body Set. This is a set that includes quite simply the body gel and body lotion. The products include ingredients such as mango juice extract, coconut acid, glycerin acid, peach leaf extract, green tea extract, Shea butter, Japanese Green Tea and more. The use of Japanese Green tea is to clean and rejuvenate whereas the Peach Leaf Extract nourishes the skin. The Juicy Jewel Rejuvenating Body Set was found for $38.

The Juicy Jewel Eau De Parfum is a combination of a fruity and floral fragrance which is formulated to last up to 5 hours. The parfum features notes of pineapple, black currant, jasmine, damask rose, Lilies of the Valley, Lotus flowers, musk, ambrette seed, amber, heliotrope and Sampaguita. The Juicy Jewel Eau De Parfum is beautifully packages and is designed to include 24 layers of colors for a high-tech effect. Each bottle of Juicy Jewel Eau De Parfum has a lucky charm on the bottle. A must have for the young girl who enjoys beautiful fragrances the Juicy Jewel Eau De Parfum retails for $55.

One of the great gift items from Juicy Jewel Fragrance and Skincare is the Juicy Jewel Travel Kit Duo. Experience the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel formulated by the product line. As with the other products the main ingredients include Japanese Green Tea, Peach Leaf Extract, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, Lotus Seed Essence and more. Made in Japan the Juicy Jewel travel Kit Duo is great for travel and also a great gift item found for $32. Juicy Jewel Fragrance and Skincare Products were found at Amazon.