MD Skincare All Over Blemish Solution: Review

For more than a year whenever I get any blemish, whether it’s a small zit or a humongous pimple I always make sure to apply Clean amp; Clear’s Advantage Acne Spot Treatment in order to treat it. But I always love to try new beauty products, so when I received a sample of MD Skincare’s All Over Blemish Solution, I was all over it and couldn’t wait until I got a new pimple so I could try it out. As if on cue a new pimple sprang up within days of me receiving the MD Skincare sample. The pimple that appeared on my chin was one of those painful red ones that’s under the skin. It was the kind of pimple that takes forever to come to a head so when I applied the All Over Blemish Solution to it I didn’t expect a dramatic result right away.

But a couple of hours went by and when I felt the pimple I was shocked to feel that the soreness had disappeared. So had a lot of the swelling. The bump was still there but the pimple wasn’t red anymore. So basically the MD Skincare All Over Blemish Solution sped up my zit’s healing process by about 2 or 3 days.

Since I had such great results I kept using the All Over Blemish Solution on that pimple for the rest of the week. Unfortunately the blemish never decreased much in size after that first day, and it never came to a head either. So I had a small bump under my skin for about three weeks until it finally came to the surface. When the bump finally surfaced it was back to the size it had been initially. So that pretty much sucked and it defeated the whole purpose of me using the Blemish Solution.

I’ve since used the MD Skincare All Over Blemish Solution on smaller pimples, and it’s been very effective for knocking out redness and pain. It’s also helps to reduce the initial size of most of them by 50% until the pimple heals completely.

I really love how gentle it is. The first ingredient in the Clean amp; Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment is alcohol, it smells like alcohol and when it’s applied to a pimple especially one that has broken skin it burns slightly. But the MD Skincare Blemish Solution has the same feel as Smashbox’s Primer, it feels like Vaseline but without the greasy feel, so it isn’t drying or irritating to the skin.

This product is quite pricey, a 1.7oz. tube costs $84. I would recommend this treatment for anyone who wants to see an immediate difference in large pimples, and wants to prevent them from starting in the first place. I also think the MD Skincare All Over Blemish Solution would be a great acne treatment for those with sensitive skin because it won’t cause any irritation or dry out your skin. But let’s face it if you have normal skin you can get the same results for less than $10 with the Clean and Clear Spot Treatment. I give the Blemish Solution 4 out of 5 stars.

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