Happy Face Complexion Brush by Earth Therapeutics

Ever wondered why your moisturizers or serums weren’t working as effectively as they should be according to the label? Do you often feel as though washing your face with cleanser alone just isn’t getting your skin clean enough? Or how about when you use your toner or astringent you find that you go through seemingly a thousand cotton balls until they wipe clean? These questions I ask are all examples of how your skincare routine is lacking a wonderful yet affordable tool for deep cleaning. The brand Earth Therapeutics (found at most beauty retail stores and online) manufactures a wonderfully affordable complexion brush called Happy Face. This little tool is an awesome way to ensure your skincare products are effectively absorbed properly into your skin to maximize their benefits and save you money.

One awesome thing about this brush is it’s small compact design. It’s simplistic-looks like a large toothbrush with a circular head. The bristles are made of a white colored synthetic material (synthetic hair is much more antibacterial than real — bacteria thrives on organic matter like real hair or loofahs). It appears at first glance to be too harsh to use on delicate facial skin but when you first use it you will find it is gentle enough to use even around the eye area. It works great to remove eye makeup (carefully applied pressure of course–even though tools are safe to use around the eye does not mean you should scrub vigorously!).

The second valuable attribute to this skincare tool is that using a brush such as Happy Face significantly prolongs the life of your cleansers and helps your moisturizers, serums, and toners to absorb more effectively. When your moisturizers absorb more effectively, they can properly repair and moisturize your skin! Think of all the dirt, oil, and makeup that gets piled onto your skin and down into your pores. In order for repair products to penetrate the skin’s layer it must go through all that debris. Clear away the debris with this brush so your skin will be cleaner and have a much faster turnover!

Finally, for those of you looking to improve your skin but are on a budget this is the perfect way to do so. You will find that most places sell this brush for under five dollars–I bought mine at ULTA for around two dollars on sale. You should also find (as I did) that using it becomes a little addicting. I found that when I forgot to bring Happy Face brush with me on a trip that I felt as though my skin wasn’t clean enough after washing it with just a wash cloth or my hands. I also like that the bristles foam up the tiniest amount of cleanser so that your cleansers last longer.

Earth Therapeutics’ Happy Face complexion brush is a great skincare tool. It has a compact design, it’s easier to keep clean, and gentle enough for sensitive skin. it also promotes better skin health by cleaning your skin deeper to allow your other skincare products to properly be absorbed.

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