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Mario Badescu SkinCare

Mario Badescu skincare products use natural ingredients designed to help your skin look and feel beautiful. Ingredients such as fresh fruits and vegetables, aloe, seaweed, and flowers make these products smell as great as they work!

Mario Badescu’s product line caters to all skin types, meeting the needs of teenagers with acne prone skin to those with sensitive, aging skin. Their staff will help you determine your skin type, whether it be dry, oil, sensitive or any combination of the above. Personally, I have normal/combination skin so the products I use would be suitable for a range of skin types.

In the morning, I wash my face with the Enzyme Cleaning Gel, which is formulated with Papaya Extract and Alpha Hydroxy Acid. This gel cleanser doesn’t foam up on your face; instead it gently exfoliates and cleanses revealing fresher, healthy skin. The cleanser doesn’t contain harsh ingredients that are rough on your skin; in fact, the texture is light and smooth.

I follow the Enzyme Cleanser with a good amount of the Aloe Lotion, which is an extremely mild toner, containing only 2% alcohol. This particular product is good for combination, dry and sensitive skin types, leaving skin feeling deep clean but not with that “stinging” feeling that comes along with so many toners/astringents.

Next, I use a dab of the Hyaluronic Eye Cream, which is ideal for all skin types. I figure it’s really never too early to start using eye cream, and this cream infuses the sensitive skin around the eyes with deep moisture but no oily residue. I follow he eye cream with the Aloe Moisturizer with SPF 15 on the rest of my face. This is the BEST moisturizer ever! It’s feather light and oil-free, so your skin is left feeling soft and not at all greasy. Plus, it’s got SPF built right in!

Before I go to bed, I wash my face again with the Enzyme Cleansing gel followed by another round of both the Aloe Lotion toner and the Hyaluronic Eye Cream. At night, instead of the Aloe Moisturizer, I use the Seaweed Night Cream, which is a nighttime, oil free lotion that’s perfect for dry, sensitive or combination skin.

A couple of times a week, after washing my face, I use either a facial scrub or a facemask. The mask I use is Mario’s Flower and Tonic Mask, perfect for all skin types. It purifies skin, loosening dirt and pore clogging residue that could leave skin irritated and dull. The scrub I use, the Kiwi Face Scrub, is also perfect for all skin types. It’s a sweet smelling combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and real kiwi seeds that gently remove dirt that builds up on the surface of skin. After using the facial scrub, my skin glows with freshness!

My skin is now smooth, calm and free of dirt and grime left behind by air particles and make-up. The products all smell great, and they work well together. I don’t know what I’d do without my Mario Badescu skin care regimen.

Beauty Review: American Beauty Line Smoothing Pressed Powder

I recently purchased my first cosmetic item at Kohl’s. While shopping for the normal things I buy at Kohl’s like kids’ clothes and dishtowels, I wandered into the cosmetic section in the front of the store. I found a wide selection of cosmetics by the brand American Beauty.

The American Beauty cosmetic line is manufactured by the well known upscale skincare and fragrance company Estee Lauder. This line was launched in 2004 and American Beauty products are exclusively sold at Kohl’s. It includes skincare (cleansing products), makeup and facial care (wrinkle creams). Ashley Judd is the model for the line. According to a People magazine article about Judd, American Beauty targets the demographic of women aged 25 to 54.


The product I tried was called “Perfect Lighting Line Smoothing Pressed Powder”. I used the color “02 Light”. I paid $16 for the compact of makeup. This price falls between the drugstore brand L’Oréal and the high end brand Estee Lauder. sells a similar L’Oréal brand pressed powder for $10.49 (this was on sale when I checked). On the other hand, Estee Lauder pressed powder compacts range in price from $25 up to $32.50. American Beauty cosmetics are usually not included in the weekly sales at Kohl’s, so the normal everyday price would be $16.


The Line Smoothing Pressed Powder comes in sturdy, white plastic packaging. The stylish container is rectangular and the words “American Beauty” are written in silver. The amount of product included is .28 oz (net weight). It comes with a mirror on the inside of and the applicator is a small rectangular sponge.


According to American Beauty website (, the ingredients of pearls and mica act as a light diffuser, working to soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The powder is supposed to set your foundation for longer wear and it claims to have a lightweight formula for medium coverage.

The powder comes in six shades. The shades are: Fair, Light, Light-Medium, Medium, Medium-Deep, and Deep. Since I am fair skinned, I chose the Light shade.

How it Worked

I was pleased with this product. I usually use the L’Oréal brand pressed powder and I recently tried the Physician’s Formula Organics Pressed Powder. I liked the quality of the applicator and how it worked in applying the powder to my face.

I found the color to be perfect for my skin tone. I usually use a liquid foundation first and then use a pressed powder to mat out the shine from the foundation. American Beauty pressed powder stayed on all day and didn’t rub off. I liked the sturdiness of the packaging, since I plan on carrying this in my purse on a daily basis. The container snaps shut, so there’s no chance of the makeup and applicator spilling out.

I recommend American Beauty Line Smoothing Pressed Powder, especially to women who like expensive department store brands of makeup. For half the price of department store compacts, you can get a great product with the same type of fancy packaging.

Suki Skincare Products Review

Suki Skincare line is a unique complete line of natural skincare formulated to provide the best possible natural care for skin in terms of cleansing, trouble shooting spot areas, and skin care maintenance. Suki is one of the known providers of Oscar Nominee Gift Boxes.

Suki is an eco-friendly product made of all natural clean ingredients and processed in a sustainable environment to produce the best possible product. If looking for the perfect skincare line to maintain a smooth clear complexion, Suki Skincare Products has something for everyone.

The complete line of Suki Skincare products includes a wide selection of products including: Complexion Brightening Cream, Velvet Facial Crème, Chamomile Facial Serum, Carrot Facial Serum for Dry Skin, Lemongrass Cleanser, Cleansing Lotion, Transformative Facial Clay, Shitake Facial Toner, White Willow Facial Toner, Bright complexion Moisture Masque, Eye Tissue Repair, Velvet Crème Hand and Body Lotion, Lip Repair Butter, Dry Skin Therapy Butter Cream Salve, Suki Body Oil,Suki Clean Balance Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment Oil, Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant products.

One of the more popular products from among the collection of Suki Skincare Products is the Suki Transformative Facial Clay. Made with green tea, white willow and rose, this unique product is formulated to cleanse and purify all skin type leaving it free of blemishes and impurities. His particular Suki Skincare Product is a Vegan product and retails for $36.65.

Another excellent product from among the Suki Skincare Products line is the Suki Facial Moisture Serum made from Echinacea and blue chamomile formulated to eradicate skin problems such as acne and eczema, while balancing oil production to minimize pore clogging. This unique Vegan product retails for $25.25.

If looking for the perfect cleanser the Suki Skincare Product line offers an excellent choice in its exfoliating Lemongrass Cleanser. Suki Exfoliating Lemongrass Cleanser is formulated with vitamin c and chamomile designed to gently exfoliate while revealing a fresh new layer of skin. Some of the unique ingredients that make the product effective include sugar, olive oil, lavender, rose hips, orange, chamomile, sea extracts, essential oils and more. Also a vegan product the Suki Exfoliating Lemongrass Cleanser retails for $24.50.

Suki Facial Toner is one of the most efficient and effective of the Suki Skincare Product line. This unique toner is made from tea tree, chamomile, aloe, white willow, rose petals, valendua, witch hazel, retinal, aloe vera, vita c liposome and other natural essentials formulated to tone fresh cleansed skin to perfection. Suki Facial Toner sold in a 5.1-ounce pump bottle retails for $24.15.

The Suki Skincare Product line is an excellent choice for skincare for all skin types. For more information on Suki Skincare Products visit the Web site for Suki Pure, Smallflower, Total Beauty or Peaceful Company.

Escension Aromatherapy Skincare: All Natural

Escension Aromatherapy Skincare products line is a United Kingdom based all natural aromatherapy skincare line for adults and children. The unique line of products available by Escension Aromatherapy Skincare products line is an excellent alternative to traditional products for those with sensitive and delicate skin.

Escension Aromatherapy Skincare products are chemical free and contain all natural ingredients resulting in an excellent line of products safe for use on babies. The skincare product line offers a wide variety of products for adult use.

The Every Day Deep Facial Cleanser from Escension Aromatherapy Skincare line is a personal favorite having showed great success with use. This product works really well and leaves the skin tingling fresh. Ingredients include contents such as fine green clay, peppermint water, and essential oils of organic bergamot and lavender. The retail price for the Escension Aromatherapy Skincare Every Day Deep Facial Cleanser is 5.95 pounds.

The Extra Rich Night Cream for Mature Skin by Escension Aromatherapy Skincare is a very effective product for drying and premature aging skin. The ingredients of the product promote toning and moisturizing. Contents include ingredients such as essential oils of organic geranium, organic palmarosa, frankincense, lavender, macadamia nut oil, and organic marshmallow herb. The retail price for the Extra Rich Night Cream for Mature Skin by Escension Aromatherapy Skincare is 9.95 pounds.

One very popular item among the Escension Aromatherapy Skincare line is the Anti-Stretchmark Cream, which is made of a combination of organic mandarin, frankincense, borage oil, primrose oil, and organic palmarosa. Designed to keep the skin supple and soft to prevent stretch marks, the Escension Aromatherapy Stretchmark Cream retails for 9.95 pounds.

In fact Escension Aromatherapy Skincare offers a great line of products for kids called Kiddiewinkles. Kiddiewinkles product line ranges from bath soak to essential oils, to baby cream, to bath soak, to Bed Calmer and more. The unique line of Escension Aromatherapy Skincare products are made from natural ingredients such as oils of carrot, lavender, and valerian, goats milk, rosewood, chamomile, and more. Prices are listed in pounds as the company is United Kingdom based, however a general price range is from 3.25 pounds up to 22.50.

Rather than using mass production Escension Aromatherapy Skincare products are made up in small batches to assure freshness. Though an unused product has a shelf life of 2 years, it is recommended that all products be used within 6 months for optimal results.

The abovementioned products reviewed are just of few of the many offered by Escension Aromatherapy Skincare line with all natural ingredients. For more information on Escension Aromatherapy Skincare products visit the Web site for Green People or Esension.

Beauty Product Review: RareMinerals Skin Revival Treatment

When I first found out that Bare Escentuals was coming out with a night time skincare, I was so ecstatic. I was already a big fan of their make up line, bareMinerals, so just imagine my excitement when I heard this great news. I was using Patrica Wexler’s night cream then and I wasn’t at all happy with it because there were times when I started breaking out but there were times when I didn’t. Plus I didn’t really notice any big changes with my complexion after months of using her product. So when I learned that they had this product, I immediately ordered it. It is a little pricey but it is worth the $60. Just like their make up line is worth every penny.

This very first mineral-based night time skincare worked wonders for me. After my first week of using it, I started noticing changes in my complexion and now I have the skin I’ve always wanted. I read on that this product was clinically proven to visibly reduce pores, brighten complexion, give sofer and smoother texture, reduce find lines and wrinkles, lessen redness of skin, and provide cleaner and firmer-looking skin. Well they were right! My husband even started noticing the changes in my complexion. At first, he was wondering why I started wearing make up to bed. I had to explain to him the whole thing. That it’s not makeup. It may look like it but it’s not. This night time skincare mineral-based so it doesn’t make your skin oily like many night time creams do. You also get to choose from four (4) different shades to match your skin (clear, light, meduim, and tan).

This product is available at and You can also visit a Bare Escentuals store and Sephora and purchase it from there. It is $60. A bit pricey, but like I said, it is worth every penny! I would pay even more if I had to. That’s how great this product is. I recomment this to those who have had a chance to try Bare Escentuals products and even for those who haven’t. Try it and I’m sure you will love it the same way that I do. This product has no preservatives and zero irritants just like Bare Escentuals’ make up line, bareMinerals. I’ve been using this for months now and I will never go back to any other night time creams.

Aquafina Advanced Hydration Wrinkle Release & Sealer Skincare: Review

When I first caught glimpse of the Aquafina logo staring back at me down the beauty section isle, I was wondering if I got lost, was I down the wrong isle?

I immediately associated the name Aquafina with bottled water. I was not expecting to see the logo in the beauty section at all.

Due to the fact that Aquafina seemed to of gotten lost in the beauty section, I was of course intrigued. What the heck is Aquafina doing down here?

I then began to think of Aquafina, and how it’s logo is usually on bottled water… I wondered, would this Aquafina stuff be like hydration for my skin, like a drink for my thirsty dry skin? Perhaps.

I went for Aquafina Advances Hydration, Wrinkle Release amp; Sealer. I turned the adorable box around and read the details. I was shocked at the bold promise of visible results in just one hour! Now in my years of buying products with bold promises such as this, it usually meant one thing. Rip-Off!

Results in one hours time! Yeah, okay… whattyah take me for, an idiot? Nothing works in just an hour. Not even Lipo.

Guess I’m an idiot, because I walked out $5.00 poorer. I guess though it’s not such a bad thing. Usually this stuff sells for $14.00 elsewhere. Walmart had a $5.00 special clearance section… and Aquafina Advanced Hydration Wrinkle Release amp; Sealer happened to be in the clearance section. Seeing how Aquafina Advanced Hydration Wrinkle Release amp; Sealer is also new to the market… it most likely meant bad things.

Usually if a product lands a spot in the clearance rack so quickly, it most likely means it sucks. But I am… the worlds largest sucker… so I bought it up anyway.

The Packaging:

Aquafina Advanced Hydration Wrinkle Release amp; Sealer packaging screams bottled water… only it’s in a cardboard rectangular packaging, with a small hallowed window where a little bottle of lotion in a jug sits.

The package itself is a metallic colored blue, which is really pretty, and eye catching. It also has Aquafina’s signature logo at the top.

The Promise:

Besides the very bold ‘one hour results’ promise. Aquafina Advanced Hydration Wrinkle Release amp; Sealer also promises to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and the texture of skin. Using Aquafina Advanced Hydration Wrinkle Release amp; Sealer also will supposedly help reduce puffiness. Did I mention… in just an hour?

Yeah, yeah, all this, in an hour.

My Use:

I unscrewed the lotions lid, and began applying the lotion to my face. I noticed that it had no scent, which was sort of disappointing. I have always enjoyed a nice scent to go with my facial lotions. Aquafina Advanced Hydration Wrinkle Release amp; Sealer though, had none.

The lotion has a decent texture, and I especially liked how it didn’t leave behind any sort of nasty greasy residue. It absorbed quickly, and all was well.

I was actually counting the minutes while using this one. I couldn’t wait to see if there were results in an hour. I watched an episode of Maury, and found out ‘he was NOT the father’. I then checked my face.


Err… everything pretty much looked the same. However because I was ‘expecting’ results, I began to imagine I saw results. I couldn’t go by the first test. I was too excited about it working. I had to wait again and test it the next day to see if the one hour results were legit.

Day 2, and I could tell my skin was the same. One hour before I put it on, and one hour after putting it on.

Of course I had been taken…

Where To Find:

I have only spotted Aquafina Advanced Hydration Wrinkle Release amp; Sealer at Walmart so far. I am sure though this stuff is being sold in drug stores as well. I recommend you purchase something else though.


Aquafina needs to stick to bottling water.

Six Affordable Moisturizers for Oily Skin

With hundreds of moisturizers and skincare treatments available, it can be challenging to find a skin softening formula that doesn’t leave oily skin feeling greasy and uncomfortable. Many spas and skin experts recommend lighter formulas that absorb quickly and provide very light coverage; however, many of these products can cost upward of $25 per product. If you’re looking for a quality moisturizer from the local drugstore or online store, here are six affordable moisturizers that can give oily skin a boost:

Suave Skin Therapy Exhale Lavender Body Lotion
There are only a few products that Suave makes well, and the Exhale therapy line is one of them. This light moisturizing formula is made with Vitamin E and White Tea extract, and is perfect for applying any time of day; it also has a soothing lavender vanilla scent that can help you relax at night. This retails for $4.19 for the large 18 oz. bottle.

Palmer’s Skin Softening Lotion
Palmer’s products are all sold in very simple, no-nonsense packaging that can be easy to overlook on the shelves. However, don’t be fooled by the first impression; the formulas are just as good as some high-end brands, and this lotion in particular is great for oily skin. It’s a rich moisturizer with Vitamin E, but because it absorbs so quickly, it won’t leave you with a greasy residue. This retails for $5.29 per bottle at

Jergens Shea Butter
Shea butter is the preferred moisturizer of choice for people with dry skin, but this formula is light enough for oily skin. It’s a mix of African shea butter, mango seed butter, and antioxidants that can protect, soothe, and soften skin after just one application. Use this as a daily treatment right after a shower, and you’ll notice it absorbs much more quickly than typical shea-based moisturizers. This retails for $6.99 at

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Mattifying Moisture Gel
Tea tree oil is commonly used as a soothing agent for inflamed and irritated skin, but it works especially well for oily skin when combined with other skin healing extracts and moisturizing ingredients in this moisture gel. The gel is designed to fight breakouts and help control shine for the face; however, it’s also great for hands and occasional dry patches on the knees and elbows. This retails for $11.50 per tube on

Hempz Herbal Moisturizer
The Hempz body care line is made of products infused with natural hemp seed extract, and even though this moisturizer is designed for all skin types, it can be especially beneficial for oily skin. It’s infused with Vitamin E for extra nourishment, and absorbs very easily. An 18 oz. bottle retails for $11.75 at

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream
When you’re searching for a non-greasy formula that leaves skin soft and supple, this is a rich cream that contains many restorative ingredients. It’s made with a patented ‘Multivsicular Emulsion formulation’ which limits breakouts and can easily control shine. This retails for $14.99 at

Many people mistakenly believe that oily skin doesn’t need moisture, but it does need to be nourished with oils and minerals to keep it healthy and fresh. If you have oily skin but don’t want to use a heavy moisturizing cream, try any of these quality products to keep it soft, supple, and healthy.

Using Calendula in Skincare and First Aid

Since the dawn of time mankind has relied on the bounty of nature for medicine. Calendula officinallis, also called Pot Marigold or English Marigold, has one of the longest recorded histories of use of all herbs. Calendula has been used speed the healing of cuts, scrapes, and burns and to soothe skin irritation. Herbalists use the whole, ground flower applied directly to the skin or as tinctures and oils. Homeopathically prepared Calendula it is used in the same way and also taken internally to speed healing of internal and oral injuries. The flower may also be brewed as a tea.

The genus includes roughly 12-20 different species of annual or perennials in the daisy family Asteraceae. They are native to the Mediterranean area and should not be confused with other plants also called marigolds. Calendula officinallis is, however, easy for the home gardener to cultivate in nearly any climate.

Calendula is available in many different preparations from homeopathic pills to herbal creams to diaper rash cream and even toothpaste. It is also a popular ingredient in moisturizers, soaps, and bath products and is a useful ingredient in lip balms and diaper rash cream for its skin-soothing properties.

-Calendula is aseptic, it does not kill bacteria, but it does have properties to prevent their growth.

-Calendula is generally considered to be non-toxic for internal use.

-The herb is most commonly used to aid healing of a wound and to prevent the infection of severe wounds on the body.

-Calendula products are readily available in stores.

-The flower petals are edible and can be used decoratively in salads or pastries.

-Applied topically, it can help stem the bleeding from minor cuts and scrapes.

-Calendula cream can be used in tandem with topical antibiotic ointments.

-As with any herbal medicine, ask your doctor before consuming Calendula preparations if you are on any prescription medication.

Some excellent uses for the herb:
Minor cuts and scrapes
Paper cuts
Hangnails or painful skin under a torn nail
Injured or bleeding gums after dental work
Minor burns and sunburn
Perineal healing following childbirth
Sore nipples from breastfeeding
Skinned knees
Wound healing after surgery(especially for itchy stitches)
Acne sores
Bug Bites
Tattoo healing
Persistent scabs
Sore noses from colds, flu, or allergies
Pain following hair removal
Chaffed skin
Diaper rash
Chapped Lips

Pacifica Skincare and Perfume Products is a Journey in Aromatherapy

Pacifica Skincare shot to world recognition with the debut of their wonderful perfumes, skincare products, and candles. They are a journey in complete aromatherapy. Each one of their products is lush with wonderful sensory explosions. I adore everything that this company makes.

Here is a review of some of their top products.

1) Pacifica French Lilac

I adore the scent of Lilac and these products are alive with this wonderful floral aroma. You can purchase the perfume, body butter, candles, or soap. I would have to say that this is my favorite scent from the Pacifica line.

2) Pacifica Sandalwood

This is a wonderful woodsy aroma in perfumes, body butter, soaps, and candles. It is exotic and offers something a bit different for the woman who wants a little bit more of masculine scent.

3) Tuscany Blood Orange

I have one word for this scent, YUMMY. It is wonderful and citrus smelling. It comes in candles, body butter, perfume, and soaps.

4) Pacifica Madagascar Spice

This is truly the most exotic of the Pacifica line. Its a bit overwhelming in high doses but some women pull it off wonderfully. It is available in body butter, perfume, soaps, and candles.

5) Egyptian Bergamot Rose

This is my second favorite perfume that Pacifica makes. It is a rose scent with a bit of a twist. I absolutely adore it.

1.2 ounces retails for $22.00

Any of Pacifica soaps are wonderful. They are all natural Moisturizing, rich-lathering, sulfate-free and bio-degradable. They lather up nicely and they last a long time. I have used Pacifica soaps for many years and I have never been disappointed.

A 6 ounce bar usually retails for around $5.00 in whatever scent you desire.

Their candles are all clean burning and made from vegetable soy wax. The wicks are all lead free. They are long burning and smell fantastic.

These candles normally retail for around $22.00

They also sell pillar candles which also sport lead free wicks.

These candles retail for around $22.00

Their body butter is amazing. It is made with Shea butter, almond oil and safflower oil. Each body butter is offered in diverse scents that range from Lilac to Guava to Juniper. Their is a scent for anyones taste.

8 ounces of the body butter retails for around $18.00.

You can purchase any of Pacifica’s wonderful products at their website or at these retail sites,–brand_pacifica

Top 5 New Skincare Products for 2009

1. Aveeno Positively Radiant Triple Boosting Serum


I love this product. I am a regular Aveeno user so I love to try all their products. I have tried it out for a couple of weeks now and I have noticed more of a glow with my skin. Typically, I have combination skin. It was great not to have a dry section and then a oily one. My skin was pretty evened out. This combined with drinking more water is excellent.

Where to Buy

Usually, I buy this product from CVS or ULTA. I love ULTA!

Helpful Links

2. Aveda Tourmaline Set


The best part about this product is how well it moisturizes your skin. You can get a sample of this product if you spend at least $50 on the Aveda website. It is a great way to try it out. People with sensitive skin will probably find this Aveda Set soothing.

Where to Buy

Your local store or online

Helpful Links PRODUCT;_ID=PROD12600

3. Aveda Outer Peace Acne Relief Kit


I hear that this product smells great. It also clears up the skin pretty well after regular use. The best part of using Aveda products is that all the products are natural. They are not made up of harsh chemicals like other cleansers.

Where to Buy

Your local store or online

Helpful Links PRODUCT;_ID=PROD10352

4. Kate Somerville Exfolikate


I found out about this product on the Some of the members there were raving about this product so I decided to investigate this product. If you have super sensitive skin, this product may not be for you. You will have a slight tingle. If not, you will love it. Most people who use this product report not having breakouts after regular use for a month.

Where to Buy

Helpful Links Store;_Code=KS Product;_Code=10006 Category;_Code=EXFO

5. REN Face Mask


Another great find from the Another member raved about this product so I decided to check it out. REN has 5 different types of facial masks for different types of skin. Check out the site for which one is best for you.

Where to Buy

You can buy it online at this site

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