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Pacifica Skincare and Perfume Products is a Journey in Aromatherapy

Pacifica Skincare shot to world recognition with the debut of their wonderful perfumes, skincare products, and candles. They are a journey in complete aromatherapy. Each one of their products is lush with wonderful sensory explosions. I adore everything that this company makes.

Here is a review of some of their top products.

1) Pacifica French Lilac

I adore the scent of Lilac and these products are alive with this wonderful floral aroma. You can purchase the perfume, body butter, candles, or soap. I would have to say that this is my favorite scent from the Pacifica line.

2) Pacifica Sandalwood

This is a wonderful woodsy aroma in perfumes, body butter, soaps, and candles. It is exotic and offers something a bit different for the woman who wants a little bit more of masculine scent.

3) Tuscany Blood Orange

I have one word for this scent, YUMMY. It is wonderful and citrus smelling. It comes in candles, body butter, perfume, and soaps.

4) Pacifica Madagascar Spice

This is truly the most exotic of the Pacifica line. Its a bit overwhelming in high doses but some women pull it off wonderfully. It is available in body butter, perfume, soaps, and candles.

5) Egyptian Bergamot Rose

This is my second favorite perfume that Pacifica makes. It is a rose scent with a bit of a twist. I absolutely adore it.

1.2 ounces retails for $22.00

Any of Pacifica soaps are wonderful. They are all natural Moisturizing, rich-lathering, sulfate-free and bio-degradable. They lather up nicely and they last a long time. I have used Pacifica soaps for many years and I have never been disappointed.

A 6 ounce bar usually retails for around $5.00 in whatever scent you desire.

Their candles are all clean burning and made from vegetable soy wax. The wicks are all lead free. They are long burning and smell fantastic.

These candles normally retail for around $22.00

They also sell pillar candles which also sport lead free wicks.

These candles retail for around $22.00

Their body butter is amazing. It is made with Shea butter, almond oil and safflower oil. Each body butter is offered in diverse scents that range from Lilac to Guava to Juniper. Their is a scent for anyones taste.

8 ounces of the body butter retails for around $18.00.

You can purchase any of Pacifica’s wonderful products at their website or at these retail sites,–brand_pacifica

Top 5 New Skincare Products for 2009

1. Aveeno Positively Radiant Triple Boosting Serum


I love this product. I am a regular Aveeno user so I love to try all their products. I have tried it out for a couple of weeks now and I have noticed more of a glow with my skin. Typically, I have combination skin. It was great not to have a dry section and then a oily one. My skin was pretty evened out. This combined with drinking more water is excellent.

Where to Buy

Usually, I buy this product from CVS or ULTA. I love ULTA!

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2. Aveda Tourmaline Set


The best part about this product is how well it moisturizes your skin. You can get a sample of this product if you spend at least $50 on the Aveda website. It is a great way to try it out. People with sensitive skin will probably find this Aveda Set soothing.

Where to Buy

Your local store or online

Helpful Links PRODUCT;_ID=PROD12600

3. Aveda Outer Peace Acne Relief Kit


I hear that this product smells great. It also clears up the skin pretty well after regular use. The best part of using Aveda products is that all the products are natural. They are not made up of harsh chemicals like other cleansers.

Where to Buy

Your local store or online

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4. Kate Somerville Exfolikate


I found out about this product on the Some of the members there were raving about this product so I decided to investigate this product. If you have super sensitive skin, this product may not be for you. You will have a slight tingle. If not, you will love it. Most people who use this product report not having breakouts after regular use for a month.

Where to Buy

Helpful Links Store;_Code=KS Product;_Code=10006 Category;_Code=EXFO

5. REN Face Mask


Another great find from the Another member raved about this product so I decided to check it out. REN has 5 different types of facial masks for different types of skin. Check out the site for which one is best for you.

Where to Buy

You can buy it online at this site

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L’Oreal Paris Men’s Expert Collection

L’Oréal Paris Men’s Expert Collection is a complete line of cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliators, and treatments that address a man’s specific skincare needs. This line of different products meets the varying needs of men of all ages, skin conditions, and skincare regimens. The products uses L’Oréal’s patented Active Defense System (ADS) that provides active ingredients to help give men smooth and healthy-looking skin.

Power Clean Anti-Dullness Face Wash is used to give guys a fresh clean face free of grime, dirt, or grease. This is the first product to use each morning to get your day started.

Power Buff is an anti-roughness exfoliator for guys who want to deep clean their pores and get closer, smoother shaves. It is especially designed for guys with dull, rough, or uneven skin.

Comfort Max SPF 15 is an anti-irritation after-shave balm that contains UVA/UB sunscreen. This help protects male skin from sun damage and skin cancer. It provides a soothing and hydrating alcohol-free shaving experience. It is a great product for those who experience problems with razor bumps and razor burn.

Hydra-Power Invigorating Moisturizer is a moisturizer aimed specifically for guys in the mid-20’s to mid-30’s. Any guy who has skin that is dull, tired, or fatigued can also use it. It works best when used with the Power Clean or Power Buff.

Oil Controller is an anti-oiliness moisturizer that helps guys with oily skin, such as those in their teens, get an even cleansing. It can be used by those with problems on specific parts of their face such as noses, foreheads, or chins. Those whose entire face may experience shine, oiliness, or blemishes will find this moisturizer ideal to address these problems. By absorbing the excess oil, it provides an overall matte complexion.

For men who experience bags or dark circles under their eyes, L’Oréal Paris’ Men’s Expert Collection has the Circle Eraser Anti-Dark Circle Under Eye Moisturizer to combat this problem. Just a gentle pat of the moisturizer under each eye will help treat the puffiness and circles.

As guys age, fine lines and wrinkles may begin to appear. Stop Lines SPF 15 is an anti-line moisturizer that contains UVA/UVB sunscreen and will help reduce the appearance of lines and the early stages of wrinkles.

For guys who want to hydrate their skin and achieve a subtle, healthy looking color, the Healthy Look SPF 15 is the product to use. It also provides the sunscreen protection for those concerned about sun damage. It can be used as part of your morning regimen or at night before bed.

Vita Lift SPF 15 is an anti-wrinkle and firming moisturizer that is geared to men who are in their late 40’s and have concerns about wrinkles and sagging skin. It has the sunscreen protection that is necessary for those in this age group.

L’Oreal Paris has created a smart line of products specifically for men that gives them a similar line of facial and skincare products that women have had for years. The line can be found at most drug stores and mass market retailers or at the L’Oréal Paris website,

Acne, Wrinkles, Dry Problem Skin: The Ultimate Secret to Clear, Soft, Young, Baby-Like Skin

In the world of thousands of different anti-aging products that claim to reverse the signs of aging, it can be confusing to know which anti-aging wrinkle cream or supplement is telling the truth! However, research shows that topically applied anti-aging creams or supplements have not been scientifically tested to work. The only exception is Retin-A; the downside is this comes with side-effects such as acne breakouts, irritated and dry skin. It is also very costly.

The good news is that it’s never too early (or late) to start protecting your skin for the glorious years to come. Believe it or not, sunscreen isn’t what maintains a youthful look. With the many synthetic chemicals placed in commercial sunscreens, they can actually be a hindrance to having healthy, radiant skin. This applies to other anti-aging creams as well. Research shows that oils that have been overly heated and processed (specifically oils with mostly omega-6 fatty acids) are found in many skincare products and can actually contribute to accelerate aging the skin! One of the main reasons is because free radicals are produced when oils are heated.

You may have heard that eating healthy and exercising are the two best ways to keep yourself looking young. This is true to an extent, but even if you exercise regularly, eat mostly organic produce, and perform a fantastic skincare everyday, there is a missing element that is little-known that contributes to healthy skin. It is often overlooked and not discussed enough, in comparison to the advice of wearing sun block everyday. So what is the missing element?

Water! It’s not just drinking 8-10 glasses a day that is important. The secret is the pH of the type of water you consume that makes the difference between having smooth, clear, young, and radiant skin—or dull, heavy lined and wrinkled, and acne-infested skin. Did you know that tap and bottled water were tested to be too acidic for the body? Even if you eat all organic produce, but wash the produce in your tap water, you are negating the healthy effect.

Excess acid in the body contributes to a whole load of problems such as:
Premature aging of the skin (Wrinkles) Acne Unexplained skin rashes Psoriasis And many more health and skin related problems The simple solution is to drink water that is closer to an alkaline pH; A suggestion is to invest in a filter for your tap water.

Skincare: Tips and Tricks Towards Healthy Skin

Most of us know that caring for our skin is the sure-fire way to ensure we maintain its resilience and glow, but many of us fail to realize how easily caring for it can be. A few years ago, high maintenance care for hair and make-up were acceptable; today, most of us find our schedules have grown and priorities have changed – so the prospect of ordering our schedule to include adequate skincare seems impossible. At the same time, many products have improved (and sometimes cause us delays when we ponder the best investments). Quite simply, now more than ever the available products can help us minimize and make effective what little time we have to spend on skin. To get the best results, consider what you need to do and plan for it.

Many people give up in disgust as they consider what they think they need and how much it may require to shop for it and use it: cleanser, toner, moisturizer, masks, special serums, exfoliants, sun protection, foundation … The list seems endless. To complicate things further, labeling and ‘hot new ingredients’ can be perplexing; we hear that green tea is excellent but find it’s not in a trusted product, whereas peppermint is. Rather than find the possibilities daunting, it’s wise to consider one’s needs – and potential products as solutions – to maximize a simplified routine.

There are ‘stand-by products’ which are needed for routine care: cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. None of these are wise to leave off the list; however, careful choices for these products may make the rest of your list smaller.

Each morning and each night:

* Most of us need to clean our skin to refresh it; a gentle cleanser is typically the most versatile, whether for combination skin, dehydrated skin, or sensitive skin. Heed aging as a prompt for gentleness – especially with cleansers.

* A toner (sometimes called an astringent) should follow. The point is to remove residue from cleansers and ‘refresh’ the acid mantle of skin. This product needs to work with your skin type; typically, erring on the side of mild is best because even blemish-prone skin will have ill effects from too drying a toner (in fact, dryness may stimulate more oil production, defeating the purpose of a strong toner).
When choosing a toner, look for something with antibacterial properties. On the ‘high end’ are products which include natural purifiers and toning agents (which soothe the skin once purified so that pores close); peppermint oil is a good example. If one is out of toner or on a budget, ‘low end’ products to be used as toners may include hydrogen peroxide (3% strength, perhaps in your first aid cabinet) with its antiseptic qualities (and mild bleaching properties – careful not to get this in the hairline too often!), witch hazel, and water-diluted lemon juice (can be drying and bleaching also).

* Finish the routine with a moisturizer suited to your needs. This may be an easy find or a difficult one; formulations here can run the gamut just like formulations for hair conditioner. Products to provide deeply penetrating hydration may sit alongside items intended to offer light protection from the wind. Important: look for products which maximize your goals. If, for example, you want something which will not add to excess oil or any blockages in the skin (in the case of someone with blackheads or whiteheads), get a “non-comedogenic” and “oil-free” formula (these have been tested and provided so as to avoid irritants which typically lead to breakouts). If, though, you’re interested in deep hydration, look for shea butter or glycerin (for example, glycerin helps skin draw moisture).

Depending on other skin regimen tools and strategies (mostly this depends on your level of concern for your skin’s condition), moisturizers can be tools to work in concert with (or instead of) other products. Some antioxidants and some AHAs may be effective in moisturizers; research is providing more insights routinely. And please, realize that a versatile moisturizer should be effective for all of your face; no special serums are likely to be necessary.

Aside from the mainstays, what do you need – or what can you avoid? Sun screen, for example, should not be avoided, but it may be possible to find a moisturizer with it. Likewise, another way to eliminate the cost and time of buying another product is to look for a moisturizer with a tint – and avoid a separate foundation product. Or if your moisturizer of choice doesn’t have sunscreen, get a foundation with sunscreen. The missing item at this point is a specialty cleanser for more occasional ‘deep cleaning.’ If your skin is not overly sensitive or dry, you may eliminate a separate ‘mask’ product by getting cleansing cloths with exfoliating textures or ingredients. And that, quite frankly, prepares your skin to get beyond daily grime and back to its natural beauty – with a minimal number of products.

Pregnancy Skincare Guide: Acne, Stretch Marks, Rashes & Pregnancy Mask

Feeling cheated out of the touted beatifically glowing expectant mother skin? You’re not alone, pregnancy hormones can wreck havoc on the skin. Many women experience pregnancy related skin problems, such as acne, pregnancy mask, rashes and the dreaded stretch marks. Learn how to prevent and combat these common pregnancy skin care nightmares.

Prevent amp; Treat Pregnancy Acne

Help diminish and prevent pregnancy acne by using topical products that have alpha hydroxy or glycolic acid, or sulphur-based. Glytone has a flesh tinted acne treatment lotion, with glycolic acis as the main ingredient. It retails for $18.

Microdermabrasion treats are also available, that can be done in the relative comfort of your own bathroom. For more severe outbreaks, prescription strength topical medications are available. They included erythromycin cream and azelaic acid. Oral erythromycin can also be prescribed by a doctor. According to WebMD, these prescription acne medications are safe to use during pregnancy, but your doctor will be the best judge of what is right for your health, during your pregnancy.

Over-the-counter acne medications can help with acne caused by pregnancy, but their are ingredients that are unsafe for expecting mothers. Acne medication ingredients to avoid, while pregnant, are benzol peroxide, salicylic acid and any retinoids.

The hormones of pregnancy can cause changes in your skin tone, so you may need to switch what type of makeup you buy. If your skin is oily try a foundation specifically for that, a mattifying product or a loose mineral powder. They are designed to absorb oil, without causing acne. Keep blotting papers handy, so you can use them throughout the day to combat oily skin.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the blight of what should be one of the most joyous experiences. According to WebMD, most doctors now believe that stretch marks are hereditary and most creams won’t prevent them. The best ones to try contain soothing green tea or glycolic acid. The good news is that there are many laser procedures that will fade stretch marks, after you are no longer pregnant.

Stop amp; Sooth Rashes

Hormones and stretching skin during pregnancy combine to make skin itch or erupt into a rash. This can be soothed by several home remedies, such as soaking in a warm bath that you’ve added a cup of oatmeal to. Soaking a clean washcloth in warm milk, then laying it over the rashy skin can also give you relief.

Over-the-counter pregnancy rash combatants include calamine lotion and moisturizers. If the itch becomes too crazy to stand, your doctor may prescribe you steroid creams. Be sure to report any itchiness and rashes, especially those with blisters, to your doctor. These can be signs of autoimmune reactions or a liver condition, both of which can potentially cause premature birth.

Dealing with ‘Pregnancy Mask’

‘Pregnancy mask’ – more accurately called melasma or chloasma, is when dark patches of skin occur on the face. Pregnancy mask occurs when pregnancy hormones are exposed to sunlight. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, women with dark hair and complexions are more likely to develop pregnancy mask.

The best way to lessen the possible severity of pregnancy mask is to stay out of the sun. You can also wear sunscreen and clothing with SPF protection. Topical products to help with skin pigmentation can include azelic acid or vitamin C.

If you choose to cover up pregnancy mask with makeup, moisturize first. Go with thicker, less sheer versions of concealer and foundation. Choose the shade closest to your natural complexion, to avoid a cakey or pasty look. Lighter shades will also draw attention to the very spots you are trying to hide.