Aquafina Advanced Hydration Wrinkle Release & Sealer Skincare: Review

When I first caught glimpse of the Aquafina logo staring back at me down the beauty section isle, I was wondering if I got lost, was I down the wrong isle?

I immediately associated the name Aquafina with bottled water. I was not expecting to see the logo in the beauty section at all.

Due to the fact that Aquafina seemed to of gotten lost in the beauty section, I was of course intrigued. What the heck is Aquafina doing down here?

I then began to think of Aquafina, and how it’s logo is usually on bottled water… I wondered, would this Aquafina stuff be like hydration for my skin, like a drink for my thirsty dry skin? Perhaps.

I went for Aquafina Advances Hydration, Wrinkle Release amp; Sealer. I turned the adorable box around and read the details. I was shocked at the bold promise of visible results in just one hour! Now in my years of buying products with bold promises such as this, it usually meant one thing. Rip-Off!

Results in one hours time! Yeah, okay… whattyah take me for, an idiot? Nothing works in just an hour. Not even Lipo.

Guess I’m an idiot, because I walked out $5.00 poorer. I guess though it’s not such a bad thing. Usually this stuff sells for $14.00 elsewhere. Walmart had a $5.00 special clearance section… and Aquafina Advanced Hydration Wrinkle Release amp; Sealer happened to be in the clearance section. Seeing how Aquafina Advanced Hydration Wrinkle Release amp; Sealer is also new to the market… it most likely meant bad things.

Usually if a product lands a spot in the clearance rack so quickly, it most likely means it sucks. But I am… the worlds largest sucker… so I bought it up anyway.

The Packaging:

Aquafina Advanced Hydration Wrinkle Release amp; Sealer packaging screams bottled water… only it’s in a cardboard rectangular packaging, with a small hallowed window where a little bottle of lotion in a jug sits.

The package itself is a metallic colored blue, which is really pretty, and eye catching. It also has Aquafina’s signature logo at the top.

The Promise:

Besides the very bold ‘one hour results’ promise. Aquafina Advanced Hydration Wrinkle Release amp; Sealer also promises to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and the texture of skin. Using Aquafina Advanced Hydration Wrinkle Release amp; Sealer also will supposedly help reduce puffiness. Did I mention… in just an hour?

Yeah, yeah, all this, in an hour.

My Use:

I unscrewed the lotions lid, and began applying the lotion to my face. I noticed that it had no scent, which was sort of disappointing. I have always enjoyed a nice scent to go with my facial lotions. Aquafina Advanced Hydration Wrinkle Release amp; Sealer though, had none.

The lotion has a decent texture, and I especially liked how it didn’t leave behind any sort of nasty greasy residue. It absorbed quickly, and all was well.

I was actually counting the minutes while using this one. I couldn’t wait to see if there were results in an hour. I watched an episode of Maury, and found out ‘he was NOT the father’. I then checked my face.


Err… everything pretty much looked the same. However because I was ‘expecting’ results, I began to imagine I saw results. I couldn’t go by the first test. I was too excited about it working. I had to wait again and test it the next day to see if the one hour results were legit.

Day 2, and I could tell my skin was the same. One hour before I put it on, and one hour after putting it on.

Of course I had been taken…

Where To Find:

I have only spotted Aquafina Advanced Hydration Wrinkle Release amp; Sealer at Walmart so far. I am sure though this stuff is being sold in drug stores as well. I recommend you purchase something else though.


Aquafina needs to stick to bottling water.

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