Acne, Wrinkles, Dry Problem Skin: The Ultimate Secret to Clear, Soft, Young, Baby-Like Skin

In the world of thousands of different anti-aging products that claim to reverse the signs of aging, it can be confusing to know which anti-aging wrinkle cream or supplement is telling the truth! However, research shows that topically applied anti-aging creams or supplements have not been scientifically tested to work. The only exception is Retin-A; the downside is this comes with side-effects such as acne breakouts, irritated and dry skin. It is also very costly.

The good news is that it’s never too early (or late) to start protecting your skin for the glorious years to come. Believe it or not, sunscreen isn’t what maintains a youthful look. With the many synthetic chemicals placed in commercial sunscreens, they can actually be a hindrance to having healthy, radiant skin. This applies to other anti-aging creams as well. Research shows that oils that have been overly heated and processed (specifically oils with mostly omega-6 fatty acids) are found in many skincare products and can actually contribute to accelerate aging the skin! One of the main reasons is because free radicals are produced when oils are heated.

You may have heard that eating healthy and exercising are the two best ways to keep yourself looking young. This is true to an extent, but even if you exercise regularly, eat mostly organic produce, and perform a fantastic skincare everyday, there is a missing element that is little-known that contributes to healthy skin. It is often overlooked and not discussed enough, in comparison to the advice of wearing sun block everyday. So what is the missing element?

Water! It’s not just drinking 8-10 glasses a day that is important. The secret is the pH of the type of water you consume that makes the difference between having smooth, clear, young, and radiant skin—or dull, heavy lined and wrinkled, and acne-infested skin. Did you know that tap and bottled water were tested to be too acidic for the body? Even if you eat all organic produce, but wash the produce in your tap water, you are negating the healthy effect.

Excess acid in the body contributes to a whole load of problems such as:
Premature aging of the skin (Wrinkles) Acne Unexplained skin rashes Psoriasis And many more health and skin related problems The simple solution is to drink water that is closer to an alkaline pH; A suggestion is to invest in a filter for your tap water.

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